Irreplaceable Love (Chillout Mix)
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Roman Messer - Irreplaceable Love (Chillout Mix)

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Artist: Roman Messer
Title: Irreplaceable Love (Chillout Mix)
Label: Suanda Music
Catalog: SND395
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, Dance
1. Roman Messer – Irreplaceable Love [Chillout Mix] (03:48)
2. Roman Messer – Irreplaceable Love [Extended Mix] (04:54)

'Irreplaceable Love', one of Roman Messer's most personal tracks, returns with a special Chillout Mix! Roman's first foray into songwriting, 'Irreplaceable Love' was written by him for his special one during the time when he had to be away from her for a while. With a layer of additional polish by experienced writers, and of course the trademark production by Roman himself, this record is quickly proving to be one of his most popular ones ever since its release! For this special Chillout Mix, Roman has stripped it down to a half-tempo, lighters-in-the-air - and still every bit just as emotional - ballad. Reworked into a downtempo track with a moving rocking feel to it, it still boasts the heartfelt lyrics and the melodic piano lines of the original, but this time fits perfectly for those moments when you feel like unwinding from dancefloor beats. The Chillout Mix of Roman Messer's very own song 'Irreplaceable Love' is out now on Suanda!

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