Ganga Tanga
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Borgetti & Josefo - Ganga Tanga

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Artist: Borgetti, Josefo
Title: Ganga Tanga
Catalog: ROM128
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Ganga Tanga (06:23)
2. Ganga Tanga [Roe Deers Remix] (06:12)
3. Ganga Tanga [Mijo Remix] (06:16)

Roam Recordings is thrilled to announce the debut single "Ganga Tanga" from Mexican artists Borgetti and Josefo. This original single features an infectious chant backed by driving percussion and rugged synthwork. The "Ganga Tanga" EP is backed by remixes from Roam alumni Roe Deers and Mijo. Roe Deers gets wonderfully quirky playing up the hypnotic percussion, tripping out the vocal, and rolling it over a heavy yet playful bassline. Mijo, on the other hand, strips the track down to its raw essence contrasting lush pads with percussion overdriven to perfection.

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