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Urgula - Innervision

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Artist: Urgula
Title: Innervision
Catalog: SUBSIST243D
Released: 06.07.2024
Type: Album
Genre: Electronic, Techno
1.Unknown 03:02
2.Synaxx 05:20
3.Order Dimension 05:34
4.Control Sample 05:12
5.Lissajous 06:56
6.Double Helix 06:02
7.Orbital State Vector 05:14
8.Mobius 05:48
9.Inner Mind 03:52

Focusing on Sound design, rhythm & repetition, Urgula looks inward , contemplating ideas about science fiction, futurism , philosophy and and the quantum world, producing 9 tracks of contemporary Techno. Urgula - (UR.GU.LA) Is a Scottish Techno Producer and Live Performer . He runs a monthly night Noisebox in Glasgow for live electronic music performers and his own label Subplant Records. He has releases on a number of labels and performs live with hardware synths and modular.
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