Motion Pictures
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Thought Beings - Motion Pictures

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Artist: Thought Beings
Title: Motion Pictures
Label: Aztec Records
Catalog: AZT0436
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Album
1.Motion Pictures 02:11
2.Sigil 03:39
3.Aphrodite 04:25
4.Higher 04:10
5.Sundial 04:03
6.Secret 04:43
7.Final Act 04:20
8.Elemental 03:23
9.Halley's Comet 03:41
10.Fin 04:29

Thought Beings are a collective of artists, musicians, singers and songwriters based in California, US. “Motion Pictures” is their newest full-length album that invites you to step into their world of cinema and celebrity; where Hollywood elites, socialites, and powerful secret players exist to make your wildest dreams come true. But at what cost? “Motion Pictures” is full of action, adventure, drama, and a killer 80s soundtrack. With a backdrop of shimmering synthesizers, retro guitars, and a diverse cast of performers; this album is an audio blockbuster experience, where each track is a parallel storyline that culminates into an epic showdown for the protagonists. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!
9 Jul 2024 в 21:02
Ух второй трек прям шикарнейший, кайфую!
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