Unmoving (Remixes)
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East Cafe - Unmoving (Remixes)

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Artist: East Cafe
Title: Unmoving (Remixes)
Catalog: EBR082
Released: 12.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Unmoving [Alternative Mix] (07:40)
2. Unmoving [Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix] (08:01)
3. Unmoving [Extended Mix] (07:56)

EAST CAFE's new single, "Unmoving Remixes," is a treat for every progressive house enthusiast. In addition to the original version of the track, the single includes an Alternative mix and a remix by the legendary Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami, adding new dimensions to the song. The authentic progressive house sound is sure to ignite the dance floor and captivate the audience. These remixes skillfully blend the energy and vibe of the original track with the remixers' unique styles and sensibilities. "Unmoving Remixes" is a perfect choice for clubs and festivals, where electronic music lovers can enjoy the fresh and exciting sounds on offer.

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