Afterlife / Moving On
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Spark030 - Afterlife / Moving On

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Artist: Spark030
Title: Afterlife / Moving On
Label: Colorize
Catalog: ENCOLOR522E
Released: 12.07.2024
Type: EP
1. Afterlife (03:46)
2. Moving On (03:50)
3. Afterlife [Extended Mix] (04:50)
4. Moving On [Extended Mix] (06:23)

'Afterlife / Moving On' is the superb two-tracker from Spark030. Colorize welcomes two fantastic tracks from German producer Spark030 whose first outings on the label were signs of an artist set for big things. 'Afterlife' is divine in its construction; the songwriting shines as enchanting synths and soft drums wax and wane with a delightful grace. 'Moving On' is anchored around an effervescent, organic bell motif that is supported by delicate piano and silky vocal snippets. It's a fine display from Spark030 once again on Colorize.

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