Proletariat / Rite
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Jamin - Proletariat / Rite

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Artist: Jamin
Title: Proletariat / Rite
Catalog: SVT361
Released: 12.07.2024
Type: EP
1. Proletariat (06:13)
2. Rite (06:28)

Debuting on Stil vor Talent with his maiden solo effort, 'Proletariat', German up-and-coming DJ and producer Jamin steps in with the clinical dance floor-busting wares. Riding that creative flow as an emotional output - very much a spur-of-the-moment approach, Jamin's goal with these two cuts was to channel this untamed energy into actual club-ready material thru and thru. Result: two joints that pack a thunderous minimal punch and tailored to wreak havoc in both big rooms and small basements alike, all eyes on lifting the crowds off to a state of total abandon. The title-track 'Proletariat' kicks things off on a pumped-up, muscular note, pulling out the venomous bass and an army of heavily delayed arps to get ravers' mind and body to a proper ecstatic boil. Stealth peak-time weapon locked and loaded for cataclysmic impact. A further low-slung piece of bass-heavy floor kinetics, 'Rite' treats us to a hypnotic tsunami of cascading synthwaves, steel-clad FX and tape echo'd dub tech dash. All in on the menacing machine funk and frenzy-inducing buildups, lapping at the confines of EBM and proper classic minimal techno, 'Proletariat' is just the opening move of a producer on the cusp of big, big things. You've been warned.

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