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Twolate & Les Castizos - Bulla

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Title: Bulla
Label: Toolroom Trax
Catalog: TRX32501Z
Released: 12.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Bulla (03:08)
2. Bulla [Extended Mix] (05:52)

Back on Toolroom Trax are Twolate who collaborate with the Spanish duo Les Castizos on another on trend latin club record 'Bulla'. Twolate have become household names on the Trax imprint who continue to deliver credible Latin tech house records who are trusted by the likes of HUGEL, Bob Sinclar, Arielle Free, Dom Dolla to tastemaker radio stations such as the BBC and Sirius. Alongside this hotly tipped duo are Les Castizos who are picking up some great traction with their music on notable Latin inspired labels such as Drop Low, HoTL and Terms & Conditions.

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