Symin / Kindred Spirits
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Deeparture (NL) - Symin / Kindred Spirits

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Artist: Deeparture (NL)
Title: Symin / Kindred Spirits
Catalog: ZT27301Z
Released: 12.07.2024
Type: EP
1. Symin (04:09)
2. Kindred Spirits (03:52)
3. Symin [Extended Mix] (06:04)
4. Kindred Spirits [Extended Mix] (06:07)

Deeparture offers something really quite unique to the progressive scene… packing ALL of the emotion and PURE FEELS into each track he sets his hands on. Zerothree warmly welcomes Deeparture back with 'Symin' and 'Kindred Spirits'. Carving out an exciting path for himself over the past 12 months, Deeparture has started touring the USA and exposing himself to wider markets and audiences as well as featuring on key dance labels, showcasing his incredible talent as a musician. Zerothree has been the home to many successful records from Deeparture from 'Blacklight' to 'Unfolding' and more… this time we offer up two gorgeous melodic records that complement each other so very well. 'Symin' leads the EP (it was hard to choose) just because it really makes you feel amazing, a feel good record! 'Kindred Spirits' goes in a little darker but has Deeparture written all over it!

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