So Alone (Kiara Scuro Remix)
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Trance Wax - So Alone (Kiara Scuro Remix)

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Artist: Trance Wax
Title: So Alone (Kiara Scuro Remix)
Label: Armada Music
Catalog: ARMAS2831
Released: 12.07.2024
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, Trance
Turning their hands to one of the tracks from Trance Wax's sophomore albums, London-based female duo Kiara Scuro drop an edit that oozes with crossover potential. Leaning into both deep house and trance with its colorful sound set, persistent groove and limitless flair, this take on 'So Alone' undoubtedly allows for getting crazy on dance floors.
01. Trance Wax - So Alone (Kiara Scuro Extended Remix) [04:55]

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