Clear Sky
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COTU - Clear Sky

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Artist: COTU
Title: Clear Sky
Label: Future Avenue
Catalog: FA486
Released: 12.07.2024
Type: Single
Future Avenue is delighted to present COTU's latest EP, "Clear Sky." This release includes remixes by the talented Basstakil, Icex, and Dolbytall, each adding their unique spin to COTU's original tracks. The remixes bring fresh perspectives and elevate the original compositions to new heights.
01. COTU - Clear Sky (Original Mix) [07:48]
02. COTU - Clear Sky (Basstakil Remix) [07:21]
03. COTU - Clear Sky (Icex Remix) [06:26]
04. COTU - Clear Sky (Dolbytall Remix) [07:42]

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