WeRecommend Vol 03
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VA - WeRecommend Vol 03

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Artist: VA
Title: WeRecommend Vol 03
Catalog: WRRVA10
Released: 27.02.2014
Type: Compilation
It has been a while since volume 02 was released but now finally it's time to bring some sweet tracks to the front stage. Minicied, Static Bloom, Meranda and Veeshy all make their debut appearance on the label and we're thrilled about it. Elysion is the only veteran (who doesn't remember the Wonder EP? Sizzling stuff) and he's back with a great track named "Morea" and definitely leaves his mark on the EP.
Hope you enjoy this fine little release!

1. Minicied - Horizon (Original Mix)
2. Static Bloom - Another Rainy Day (Original Mix)
3. Elysion - Morea (Original Mix)
4. Meranda - Lug (Original Mix)
5. Veeshy - City Evening (Original Mix)

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