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Sergey Alekseev & Alexey Vincent & Ekatherina April - Intact

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Title: Intact
Catalog: WRR092
Released: 25.04.2014
Type: Single
It's an honor to once again deliver a quality release to the world by our beloved Sergey Alekseev. This time with Alexey Vincent and some angelic vocals by Ekatherina April.
The original has a nice warm summer vibe to it. A track you can't sit still to. After the break at the drop you can just feel that sunshine hitting your face and the beach should be just around the corner. The vocal choppings ads another element to the already great atmosphere.
First up to grab this fine original and twist it into his very own is label debutant Aki Amano. I can't tell you how much I've longed for this moment to get Aki on the label.
The wait was worth it. Big time. Aki Amano delivers the true progressive house experience, just in the style which made us all fall in love in the genre from the beginning. That bumpyness, that emotional touch, the melodies, the bass. It has it all, just beautiful!
Second up is label veteran Intrinity. Here we get a faster paced remix drenched in that Intrinity style that I fell in love with the first time I heard it back when WRR released his first EP "The Simple Things". Some great melodic action going on with that chord progression we just can't get enough of and just a solid remix overall.

1. Intact (Original Mix)
2. Intact (Aki Amano Remix)
3. Intact (Intrinity Remix)
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