Out & Back
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Mass Density Human - Out & Back

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Title: Out & Back
Catalog: NNM067
Released: 16.11.2020
Type: EP

1. Incomplete [Complete Mix] (07:01)
2. Memories of a Time [Vague Recollection Mix] (07:59)
3. Thank You Mr Shower [Wet Room Mix] (08:14)
4. Thank You Mr Shower [Cold Shower Mix] (04:30)
5. Memories of a Time [Pleasent Memories Mix] (06:06)
6. Incomplete [We Certainly Are Mix] (05:29)

Night Noise is back with a new release from the ever so mysterious ‘Mass Density Human’. This is the follow up to his recent debut release ‘Dancing In Space’. Much loved by many “Dancing In Space’ was a great intro into the creative workings of the artist. This form follows into the next release ‘Out & Back’
‘Out & Back’ is an EP that bounces across genres but with a definite nod to the 90’s. Three original tracks that each have a much lower key, dare we say ambient selection of alternate mixes from the artist. Hence the ‘Out & Back’ title 3 tracks for the going out phase and 3 tracks for the getting back stage.
This is a cracking experimental EP that deserves plenty of repeat plays to appreciate the full majesty of the music.
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