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Twisted Design - Mindless

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Artist: Twisted Design
Title: Mindless
Label: Phoenix
Catalog: NIX211
Released: 18.06.2021
Type: Single
Phoenix Recordings welcomes TWISTED DESIGN from Sweden with his label debut MINDLESS, a driving Uplitfing Trance belter.

John Eriksson in real life has emerged into the Trance scene in 2011 at first with his project "Ico" and since 2011 with his new moniker "Twisted Design". Another alias of his is "You Are My Salvation" focused on the more progressive side of things. His tracks were released on labels such as Regenerate, Joof, Dark Soho, D.Max and others.

01. Twisted Design - Mindless (Extended Mix) 8:24
19 Jun 2021 в 15:51
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