Ego Rave
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Deetron - Ego Rave

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Artist: Deetron
Title: Ego Rave
Label: Running Back
Catalog: RB 095D
Released: 20.11.2020
Type: EP
1. Ego Rave A (07:53)
2. Ego Rave B (06:42)
3. Ego Rave C (05:06)
4. Ego Rave D (05:19)
5. Ego Rave D1 (03:31)

Deetron follows last year’s Body Electric release on Running Back with a fine dance floor-based EP inspired by his formidable DJing. “Ego Rave B” is a seductive, bubbling electronic groove that supports woozy, cosmic synths, while on “Ego Rave D” and its “D1” variant, he goes down a tracky route, with dense drums and snappy percussion providing the basis for old school techno bleeps. There are also remnants of the Swiss DJ’s more peak time selections: “Ego Rave A”, sees Deetron fuse tranced out hooks with gentle piano keys, while “Ego Rave C” is a wide-eyed, good time electro-techno track.

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