Fabric Presents Overmono
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Overmono - Fabric Presents Overmono

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Artist: Overmono
Title: Fabric Presents Overmono
Catalog: FABRIC 209D
Released: 16.07.2021
Type: Compilation
1 Overmono - So U Kno (Mixed)
2 Artwork - The Soul (Mixed)
3 Foremost Poets - MoonRaker (Mixed)
4 Milanese - Billy Hologram (Mixed)
5 Antonio - Hyperfunk (Mixed)
6 Overmono - If U Ever (Mixed)
7 DJ Zank - Pegassans (Mixed)
8 James Ruskin, Surgeon - Sound Pressure, Pt. 3 (Mixed)
9 Holy Ghost - 4AM At The Crying Cactus (Mixed)
10 L.B. Dub Corp, Benjamin Zephaniah - I Have A Dream (Mixed)
11 Plastikman - Fuk (Mixed)
12 For Those I Love - I Have A Love (Overmono Remix - Mixed)
13 DJ Misjah - Victim (Mixed)
14 Powder - Lost of Light (Mixed)
15 Overmono - BMW Track (Mixed)
16 16 Lcy - shhh (Mixed)
17 Vex'd - Pop Pop (Mixed)
18 Robert Fleck - Bromine (Mixed)
19 Anz - Morphing Into Brighter (Mixed)
20 Actress - Caves of Paradise (Mixed)
21 Remarc - Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix - Mixed)
22 Equiknoxx - A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up (Mixed)
23 Ed Rush, Optical - Bacteria (Mixed)
24 ORCA - Intellect (Mixed)
25 Smith & Mighty - Film Score (Mixed)
26 Blawan - Fourth Dimensional (Mixed)
27 Roy of the Ravers - Erolfa (Mixed)
28 Sockethead - When I Close My Eyes I See Paint (Mixed)
29 1995 epilepsy - Get 2 Kno (Mixed)
“We’d just stepped out to get a curry from a take-away called Bombay to Bromley which is nearby our studio when we got an email asking us to do a mix for fabric. There was something about the vibe that evening that’s quite typical of south east London on a cold winter’s night. Overheard conversations and disagreements. Night buses with steamed up windows. Sirens in the distance. A bit tense but exciting at the same time. You know there’s always something going on somewhere out there. There’s a lot of energy in the air. This mix is all about trying to capture that feeling, a nod to music scenes past and present.”

The 'fabric presents' mix that spans decades of music history and genres sees the likes of Equiknoxx rubbing cheeks with Ed Rush & Optical, Anz’ ‘Morphing Into Brighter’ blended into Actress’s ‘Caves of Paradise’. It contains an unreleased gem from Blawan and Orca’s much sought after jungle classic ‘Intellect’, an atmospheric jam that’s one of the mix’s crown jewels.

Dotted throughout the mix are spoken word segments that blend the music with thoughts on cultural movements and personal moments. These include L.B. Dub Corp’s ‘I Have A Dream ft. Benjamin Zephaniah’, an exploration on the possibilities of multicultural Britain and For Those I Love’s ‘I Have A Love’, an ode to the passing of the artist’s best friend.

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