Deception EP
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Vagh - Deception EP

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Artist: Vagh
Title: Deception EP
Catalog: TN 045
Released: 20.11.2020
Type: EP
1. Deception (05:28)
2. Consumed (05:54)
3. Dissolution (05:11)
4. Hologram (06:06)
5. 1.3 (05:55)

Dutch imprint Dynamic Reflection can always be relied on to deliver high-quality club techno, and Deception is no exception. It starts with the high-paced title track, which resounds to a pounding, dense rhythm, eerie synths and firing metallic percussion. On “Consumed”, this emerging producer heads down a deeper route, with clicking percussion and swirling textures underpinned by a robust, filtered groove. “Dissolution” is more stripped back as Vagh plots out a path led by tribal drums and steely percussion, like an updated, turbocharged version of early Oliver Ho work. “Hologram” marks another shift in sound, with Vagh dropping a throbbing, pulsating track that has echoes of Mike Parker at his most hypnotic.

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