Hot Like The Sun
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Jac The Disco - Hot Like The Sun

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Artist: Jac The Disco
Title: Hot Like The Sun
Label: Spin On this
Catalog: SOT003
Released: 20.11.2020
Type: Single

1. Hot Like The Sun [Vocal Mix] (07:22)
2. Hot Like The Sun [Instrumental Mix] (07:00)
3. Hot Like The Sun [Kiwi Remix] (05:53)
4. Hot Like The Sun [Craig Bratley Remix] (05:32)

The beetle headed man renewed the hot sun everyday before rolling it above the horizon and carrying it away through to the other world after sunset only to renew it again the next day. The third instalment from Jac The Disco’s ‘Spin on This’ output delivers the slow chugging affair of ‘Hot Like The Sun’ The EP features remixes from London’s Kiwi who over the years has created a sound all of his own which has gained support from the likes of DJ Harvey, DJ Tennis and Optimo to name a few. ‘Magic Feet’ label boss Craig Bratley also features here. Craig himself has earned himself a solid reputation as a producer and re mixer with an eclectic output on respected labels such as Future Boogie, Throne of Blood, Tsuba, Instruments of Rapture and Claremont 56. The EP has received DJ Support from the likes of Fabrizio Mammarella, Sean Johnston, Jennifer Cardini and Psychemagik.
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