Licence to Kill
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Laroze - Licence to Kill

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Artist: Laroze
Title: Licence to Kill
Label: rtct
Catalog: RTCT 007
Released: 20.11.2020
Type: EP
1. Amusez-Vous Bordel (05:07)
2. Trust Yaself (rave mix) (05:24)
3. Final Battle (05:30)
4. Enfant Lune Sous Acid (06:02)
5. Song 4 My Next Girlfriend (04:46)

Following inspired outings on D.KO, Let’s Play House and Flux, Robin Lazore returns to RTCT Records after a three-year absence. The Bordeaux-born producer is in formidable – and we’d argue, surprisingly forthright – form from the off, tweaking his TB-303 mercilessly on the early ’90s stadium house-goes-Chicago jack intensity of ‘Amusez-Vous Bordel’ before adding angular acid lines and razor-sharp hardcore stabs to a bouncy electro beat on ‘Trust Yourself (Rave Mix)’. Elsewhere, ‘Final Battle’ is string-laden disco-house on steroids, Enfant Lune Sous Acid’ is a bouncy slab of disco-house positive with added acid attacks, and ‘Song For My Next Girlfriend’ is a gorgeous instrumental hip-hop head-nodder that’s as positive as a surprise tax rebate.

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