Calmaria / Tumulto EP
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Ortus (BR) - Calmaria / Tumulto EP

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Artist: Ortus (BR)
Title: Calmaria / Tumulto EP
Catalog: RS001
Released: 14.02.2020
Type: EP

Music is intimately connected with our emotions, and magic happens when these emotions are aroused. Real Supernova records comes precisely for this purpose, inviting you to break free from any preconceptions, letting yourself navigate through the energy transmitted by the music. This debut EP explores the duality of life through extreme concepts, Calmaria / Tumulto, but seeks to guide you to the same state of consciousness: daydream. Let the progressive soul of both tracks do the work and enjoy your first journey with Real Supernova.

Produced by Ortus (BR).

All right reserved.

1. Ortus (BR) - Calmaria (Original Mix)
2. Ortus (BR) - Tumulto (Original Mix)
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