Sidereum EP
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Desthen - Sidereum EP

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Artist: Desthen
Title: Sidereum EP
Catalog: RS006
Released: 20.11.2020
Type: EP
However beautiful and charming it may be in our eyes, outer space represents what is most challenging to science and dangerous to human exploration, but somehow it constantly attracts us to discover more and more. Who ventured into this scenario through imagination was the duo Desthen, formed by Antonio and Caique, responsible for the signing of Sidereum EP, which has three original tracks filled with melodies and progressive atmospheres, a real push towards the emptiness of space.

The EP starts with the powerful title track 'Sidereum', carrying a solid bass and a serious aspect accompanied by twilight synthesizers. It is the beginning of the journey until we reach 'Sirius', known as the brightest star in the sky. Here the high notes stand out and an epic break lights the way ahead to reveal 'Falling Star', without a doubt the most exciting moment so far, where deep vocals intertwine with the burning melodies breaking through the sound barrier.

1. Desthen - Sidereum (Original Mix)
2. Desthen - Sirius (Original Mix)
3. Desthen - Falling Star (Original Mix)
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