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Lars Leonhard - Spaceflight

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Artist: Lars Leonhard
Title: Spaceflight
Label: Synphaera
Catalog: SYN16
Released: 24.11.2020
Type: Album
1. Spaceflight (06:10)
2. Dragon Spacecraft (07:26)
3. Gamma Ray Burst (06:22)
4. Space Phenomena (06:40)
5. Quasar (06:25)
6. Unknown Matter (06:22)
7. Blazar (05:48)
8. Lenticular Galaxy (06:02)
9. Chthonian Planet (06:16)
10. Magnetar (06:32)
11. Blitzar (05:24)

Ad astra per aspera! Düsseldorf-based ambient dub & space music producer Lars Leonhard debuts on Synphaera with his latest album, Spaceflight.

A pioneer in ambient dub, Lars Leonhard continues to evolve his sound to go beyond genre confines with deeper atmospheres, propulsive percussive elements, liquid grooves and hypnotic sequences that tap into the universal frequencies of the cosmos.

A long-time collaborator with the American space agency NASA, Lars’s music is often featured in their scientific videos on stars, space and the planets of our solar system. Spaceflight takes us beyond the stars and deeper into the universe where mysteries and phenomena await discovery, but the journey itself is also part of the experience.
26 Nov 2020 в 12:23
Хорош Леопард.
26 Nov 2020 в 12:49
Этот космический альбом обязательно надо брать. Волшебные звуки Вселенной! 
Эта 5
27 Nov 2020 в 23:53
Очень слабо, оставил лишь Quasar
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