Who We Are Ep
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Blufeld - Who We Are Ep

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Artist: Blufeld
Title: Who We Are Ep
Catalog: ASR327
Released: 30.08.2021
Type: EP
The man behind numerous AS classic tunes Blufeld makes a sensational comeback with the new mesmerizing 2-track 'Who We Are' EP. Both tracks 'Who We Are' and 'All For The Passion' are providing the trademark Blufeld's deep metaphysical vibe focused on thoroughly crafted rhythmic patterns and subtle melodies that give you a beautiful immersive experience. These two gems are definitely for those who like music to its core!
01. Blufeld - Who We Are (Original Mix) 6:32
02. Blufeld - All For The Passion (Original Mix) 7:05
30 Aug 2021 в 11:52
Прикольное звучание! Прогрессив транс середины нулевых.
30 Aug 2021 в 15:04
All For The Passion
2 Sep 2021 в 11:39
Восхитительные треки с олдовым привкусом! Особенно Who We Are. 5
7 Oct 2021 в 10:46
Blufeld - Who We Are (Original Mix) ONLY!
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