State Of Love
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Gayax & DJ XBoy - State Of Love

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Artist: Gayax, DJ XBoy
Title: State Of Love
Label: Redux 138
Catalog: RDX138171
Released: 27.11.2020
Type: Single
For our next release on Redux 138 we have a collaboration of epic proportions in the form of ' State Of Love ' from the Trance work horse Gayax teaming up with DJ Xboy and you can expect high octane from the very first beat with heart pounding drums and driving bass working with progressing riff and keys building to the break which ramps up the emotion to 100 with spacious pads, sombre keys and distant vocals that will take you on a beautiful journey as the lead brings you to your euphoric destination.
01. State Of Love (Extended Mix) [07:18]
02. State Of Love (Original Mix) [04:07]

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