By Your Side (Huem Remix)
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Bigtopo & CJ Rolo - By Your Side (Huem Remix)

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Artist: Bigtopo, CJ Rolo
Title: By Your Side (Huem Remix)
Label: Vibrate Audio
Catalog: VAU103
Released: 27.11.2020
Type: Single
Next up on Vibrate Audio, we're pleased to bring you this phenomenal remix by no other than our Associate Director of this imprint, Mr. Huem! He's giving his very unique touch to the collaboration by Bigtopo & CJ Rolo, 'By Your Side' that we released earlier this year on Defcon Recordings!

What we love the most is the authenticity of every single second of this tune, something fresh and out of the box, staying into progressive trance but having also that synthwave feeling that only he could do!
01. By Your Side (Huem Remix) [03:04]
02. By Your Side (Huem Extended Remix) [05:08]

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