Full On Acid
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Ikerya Project - Full On Acid

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Artist: Ikerya Project
Title: Full On Acid
Catalog: PULSAR077
Released: 13.03.2013
Type: Single
'Full On Acid' the latest release on Pulsar Recordings by our well known producer Ikerya Project is a banging big room track with fat bass and acid hook lines that will get your groove on, on the dance floor.

Marian Closca, with whom we have met in one of our previous releases delivers a more tranquil and uplifting feel to this track, perfect for those dreamy heads that also crave for the big uplifting sound.

Neutronix made his version sound slightly faster with those rolling basslines and punchy kicks that just keep on building until you hear a breakdown with those epic trance pads that really stand out.
01. Ikerya Project - Full On Acid (Original Mix) 7:29
02. Ikerya Project - Full On Acid (Marian Closca Remix) 9:36
03. Ikerya Project - Full On Acid (Neutronix Remix) 7:46
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Closca ++ шикарно
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