You're Not Mine
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Blue Tente & aelyn - You're Not Mine

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Artist: Blue Tente, aelyn
Title: You're Not Mine
Catalog: SSR075
Released: 05.09.2011
Type: Single
Blue Tente is known for his passion to highly energetic melodies and outstanding euphoric touch to his tunes. This time he teamed with Aelyn to bring you their newest collaboration single You're Not Mine.

Together they serve driving Uplifting Mix and Balearic Mix filled with so much energy that you would want to refill yourself dozen times till you get enough.

For sure tune like this deserves a huge remix and this duty was given to one and only Kaimo K who gave this awesome single all his heart to bring you his Emotional Mix.
01. You're Not Mine (Uplifting Mix) 7:48
02. You're Not Mine (Balearic Mix) 7:20
03. You're Not Mine (Kaimo K's Emotional Mix) 9:37
04. You're Not Mine (Kaimo K's Emotional Dub Mix) 9:37
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