Fonderia LP
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Evod - Fonderia LP

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Artist: Evod
Title: Fonderia LP
Label: Warm Up
Catalog: WU 65D
Released: 27.11.2020
Type: Album
1. Cavita (05:26)
2. Dimensionamenti (05:00)
3. Sfoghi D’Aria (05:37)
4. Portate D’anima (06:21)
5. Forma Transitoria (05:41)
6. Cera Perduta (05:33)
7. Cassa D’Anima (06:07)
8. Granuli (06:41)
9. Zona Massiva (05:08)
10. Forma Permanente (05:19)

We are enlarging our digital series with another album by meticulous italian producer Evod. Ten virtual cuts of scientific bleepy abstract techno: Intrincated, complex, detailed, carefully crafted soundwise. A voyage to the future via dissonant harmonies and sound experiments, but yet danceable or playable by proper dj’s out there.
This body of work has been conceived to be listened to as a whole, to get into a time travel mood that brings you out of the currently absurd panorama.
About the tracks:
Cavita sounds like a sonar bleep sent outer space, repetitive and linear.
Dimensionamenti : elastic and liquid, still preserving the hypnosis via repetition.
Sfoghi D’Aria follows similar parameters, bleepy spiced grooves with a simple rhythmic approach.
Portate D’anima works with spaces and sound layers bringing the FX work a step beyond.
Forma Transitoria returns to bleep galore and liquidness.
Cera perduta is an alien march over a solid kick.
Cassa d’anima softens the approach, still keeping the tension that floats all over this album.
Granuli brings us to the best Detroit / Warp days of the early nineties with a precious 808 groove.
Zona Massiva is like the sound of filters making music, again liquid and elastic.
Forma Permanente is the last bullet, saying goodbye in a classic timeless techno vibe.
Glad to have such a talented person on board. There is still hope in this semi destroyed musical world.

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