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Ciro Visone & Toregualto & Glassman - Triade

Rating: 4.2 Votes: 5
Title: Triade
Label: Discover
Catalog: DISCOVER295
Released: 10.09.2021
Type: Single
Ciro Visone, Toregualto and Glassman join forces to make the suitably named Triade.

Any track with Ciro Visone involved is always produced to perfection and this ticks that box with style.

Triade has a haunting feel to it in the build which drops off to a strong pluck melody with lush chords which from then on deliver that "trance rush factor" all the way....

This is Trance at its most beautiful ....
Ciro Visone, Toregualto, Glassman - Triade (Original Mix) [07:13]

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