Marseille (Unbeat & Stephane Badey Remixes)
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Jaadu & Nabil - Marseille (Unbeat & Stephane Badey Remixes)

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Artist: Jaadu, Nabil
Title: Marseille (Unbeat & Stephane Badey Remixes)
Label: Edge One
Catalog: EDGE148
Released: 10.09.2021
Type: Single
After huge support and love for Jaadu vs Nabil
Marseille, We made a return of this tune with very idiosyncratic remixes from 'Unbeat' & 'Stephane Badey'

'Unbeat' work is a Tech Trance remix hammering down with unbridled kick-bass combos before casting a terrific melody, this remix is a bona fide firestorm designed to set entire stadiums on fire.

Another remix is from one of our homie 'Stephane Badey' has given an Uplifting vibe giving a whole new journey to the melody from start to end
01. Jaadu vs Nabil - Marseille (Unbeat Remix) [06:01]
02. Jaadu vs Nabil - Marseille (Stephane Badey Remix) [07:58]

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