You Break Above The Waves
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Proteus - You Break Above The Waves

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Artist: Proteus
Title: You Break Above The Waves
Catalog: PTN074
Released: 10.09.2021
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, Trance
Harri Andersson aka Proteus can only be described as a bonafide legend in his home country of Finland. He has been a stalwart of the dance music scene since the nineties - performing as a Hard NRG & Hard Trance DJ when the sound was unheard of by the masses – a true innovator & DJ beloved of the Finnish crowd. Founder of the Superstition brand & co-founder of the Kosmos, Clublife & SADE brands, Harri has been promoting events and keeping the Finnish scene thriving for many, many years. Twice featured in DJ Mag's Top 100 (when it was relevant back in 2004 / 2005), he is also one of the most generous & kind guys in the business.

Recently, Proteus rediscovered his music-making-mojo, sending us a series of thoroughly original and brilliant Pure Trance tracks. You will find nothing generic or formulaic in a Proteus production, no laborious breakdowns or predictable arrangements. No Way. The first new Proteus production we bring you is 'You Break Above the Waves' - an 11-minute Pure Trance journey for the dance floor; relentless, driving and incessant with power & precision, produced with the passion of a thoroughbred Artist in harmony with his crowd. Welcome back Proteus – we missed you.
01. Proteus - You Break Above The Waves 11:01
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