Activate (Harmonic Rush Remix)
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Miroslav Vrlik - Activate (Harmonic Rush Remix)

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Artist: Miroslav Vrlik
Title: Activate (Harmonic Rush Remix)
Label: Full On 140
Catalog: FO140R087
Released: 10.09.2021
Type: Single
Harmonic Rush debuts on Full On 140 Records with massive remix for good single of Miroslav Vrlik called 'Activate'. Energetic and powerful bassline which break any dancefloor supported by excellent melody with amazing lead. Integrity of work is caused by competent selection of tools and mastering.
01. Miroslav Vrlik - Activate (Harmonic Rush Remix) [05:03]
02. Miroslav Vrlik - Activate (Harmonic Rush Extended Remix) [07:18]

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