Ex Tempore
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Steur & 2Sher - Ex Tempore

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Artist: Steur, 2Sher
Title: Ex Tempore
Label: Phatbull
Catalog: PHAT106
Released: 10.09.2021
Type: Single
Joining forces from across the Europe, 2sher teamed up with belgian trance superstar Jonas Steur aka. Steur for 'Ex Tempore'. Whisking the listener away on a sonic voyage, 'Ex Tempore' harnesses a tech energy from the first beat. Flowing into a moody breakdown, airy vocals and delicate analog keys take control, before bursting back into a rapturous arrangement that draws the track to a close.
01. Steur & 2Sher - Ex Tempore (Original Mix) [02:57]
02. Steur & 2Sher - Ex Tempore (Extended Mix) [05:06]

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