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Genix - 199X

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Artist: Genix
Title: 199X
Label: Anjunabeats
Catalog: ANJCD099D
Released: 10.09.2021
Type: Album
A love letter to rave culture, '199X' is the debut artist album from Anjunabeats stalwart Damion 'Damo' Houchen, also known as Genix.
The LP is a departure from the sound Genix is best known for. Through the late 2000's and 2010's, Genix was well known for his textured, melodic take on trance. He caught the ear of Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk, securing releases on both Armada and Vandit. Genix arrived on Anjunabeats in 2010 and immediately became a mainstay in Above & Beyond's sets with tracks like 'Aura', 'Destinations' and 'Black Water' (the latter written with regular touring partner Sunny Lax).
From those origins, Genix has blossomed into a mainstay in the trance scene. As his stature grew, so did his approach to his music:
There have been so many influences [on my sound]; DJs, producers, events and the thousands of records I've bought over the years. I don't try to be any one genre, some people think I produce less trance sometimes, but if you have followed my career from the start it's always had tech influences. I think any producer should stick to the sounds they love, if it makes me jump out of my seat when I'm making it, then that's all that really matters.
My music is a representation of my personal taste, it's my expression and my passion being put into sound. It really is an art and I just try to be myself, not a genre, not a certain BPM, just Genix. - Genix
His Anjunabeats Worldwide 09 mix championed these ideas. It was an iTunes #1 dance album that took us from slow burning progressive to fiery techno, landing somewhere between a Global Underground mix and a classic Gatecrasher compilation.
2020's 'The Light' was a bullish electro-edged anthem alongside label mate Grum and hit number one on Beatport's Melodic Techno chart. DJ support from Etienne De Crecy and Hi-Lo (Oliver Heldens) followed.
A polished DJ, Genix has performed around the world; festival stages at Creamfields (UK), Tomorrowland, EDC, ABGT250 and 350, to more intimate club affairs; Ministry Of Sound, The Hollywood Palladium, Warehouse Project.
These shows don't live up to the heights of playing 5,597 metres above sea level though, where in April 2019 Genix set the Guinness world record for the highest land DJ set, hosting a party at Everest Base Camp.
'199X' is available on all good digital stores now, with 2x12 vinyl available to pre-order on the Anjuna Music Store, due for release in October.
01 Genix & Jvmie - Until I Find You 04:11 
02 Genix & Zashanell - All I Want 04:12 
03 Genix & Towera - Be Free 04:16 
04 Genix & Northling - Take Our Time 05:08 
05 Genix - Libre 04:11
06 Genix - Higher & Higher 03:54 
07 Genix & Jvmie - I'm Awake 03:14
08 Genix - I Feel So Free 04:36 
09 Genix - Fiyah 03:56  
10 Genix - The Underground 03:51 
11 Genix - This Is My House 04:21 
12 Genix & Lyca - Numb 04:24 
13 Genix - Fly Away 04:11 
14 Genix - Let It Go 03:54 
15 Genix - What You Do To Me 04:09 
16 Genix - 303 Me 04:55

10 Sep 2021 в 19:45
достойный альбом! понравился, очень благодарен!
13 Sep 2021 в 14:52
Неплохая обложка, куча громких слов в пресс-релизе, даже Global Underground посмели приплести, однако на выходе стандартная для Anjunabeats мешанина из попсы и хренового транса
13 Sep 2021 в 18:39
Хороший альбом, ноги идут в пляс
14 Sep 2021 в 08:04
Ответ на: true aesthete
Неплохая обложка, куча громких слов в пресс-релизе, даже Global Underground посмели приплести, однако на выходе стандартная для Anjunabeats мешанина из попсы и хренового транса Показать больше
Даже слишком хорошо описал, думал разнесёшь
14 Sep 2021 в 10:52
На выступлении AGBT450 звучало мощно конечно, но именно это фестивальщина/бигрум на разок, к сожалению 

У этого товарища (как у Fatum еще например) звуки порой мощные, ямы офигенные, но в целом скучно, монотонно и предсказуемо. 

Genix - Fly Away - напомнил времена Dream Dance (Children Роберта Майлза), этот сохранил себе. Остальное .. Скажу так, в каждом треке есть офигенные моменты... но это лишь моменты, в целом повторяю, больше пары раз уже реально надоедает слушать и "вау-эффекта" нет. 

Первые 4 и седьмой треки вообще не вяжутся никак с концепцией альбома 

6 из 10.
16 Sep 2021 в 13:03
Я новый стиль под это придумал)..coming soon on beatport

а так оставил 1 и 15 трек, еще бы 7 оставил но голос как пальцем по стеклу
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