Basement Jams
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Ruskin & Broom - Basement Jams

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Artist: Ruskin, Broom
Title: Basement Jams
Label: Blueprint
Catalog: BP 057
Released: 27.11.2020
Type: EP
Genre: Electronic, Techno

1. Pr1 (04:40)
2. Ocs (04:53)
3. Tkn (05:16)
4. Sn7 (03:22)

Mark Broom collaborated with James Ruskin on Domwen back in 2018, and now the pair come together again for Basement Jams. This is a direct dance floor EP and sees the UK techno veterans deliver rough and raw tracks. “Pr1”, with its tweaked wiry groove, is a good example of their approach, while on “Ocs”, the pair up the tempo and intensity levels to deliver a bubbling, insistent track. On “Tkn”, Ruskin and Broom veer into Hood-style territory for a visceral, analogue workout, while closing out the release is a more gritty, restless take on Detroit minimalism in the form of the doubled-up claps of “Sn7”.

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