We Will Meet Again
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Breame & Jack Vath - We Will Meet Again

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Artist: Breame, Jack Vath
Title: We Will Meet Again
Catalog: ECT224
Released: 13.09.2021
Type: Single
We are overjoyed to welcome back Scotland-based duo Breame and Jack Vath here at Cities with an exceptional new track.

This amazing single incorporates a funky bouncing bassline with soaring melodic synth leads and a beautiful breakdown sure to give you goosebumps.

Returning in style here at Cities, this is Breame and Jack Vath with their brilliant new track "We Will Meet Again".
01. Breame & Jack Vath - We Will Meet Again [02:52]
02. Breame & Jack Vath - We Will Meet Again (Extended Mix) [05:37]

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