Uplifting Only: First Symphonic Breakdown Year (Mixed By Ori Uplift & Abora Sound Design)
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VA - Uplifting Only: First Symphonic Breakdown Year (Mixed By Ori Uplift & Abora Sound Design)

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Artist: VA
Title: Uplifting Only: First Symphonic Breakdown Year (Mixed By Ori Uplift & Abora Sound Design)
Catalog: UPONLY004
Released: 28.10.2020
Type: Compilation
It's here! The first-ever Symphonic Breakdown Year Mix! Based on fans' votes, it brings together 50 tracks and all the top highlights & memories from the first year of Ori Uplift's radio podcast Uplifting Only, packing it all in smoothly into just over an hour.Only symphonic sounds in this groundbreaking, revolutionary "trance" mix: Although all the tracks used for this hour-long mix were uplifting trance tracks, only the breakdowns are utilized; all the trance parts are left out!It weaves together the breakdowns and intros of 48 top orchestral uplifting trance tracks into one smooth and seamless hour-long symphonic mix. And it is unobtrusively accentuated by added background sounds including subtle thunder, birds, & wind chimes to perfect the symphonic experience.Predominantly determined by fans' votes from first UpOnly Tune of the Year poll, it mixes together 50 tracks into just over 1 hour, including 39 of the top 60 tracks with the most votes from the Tune of the Year vote, plus 9 more tracks that finished in the top three in the show's weekly voting. And after the hour-long mix made purely of trance tracks, there is an bonus orchestral track to provide a wonderful conclusion to the symphonic experience.Yes, this is the first-ever "trance" mix without a single kick!Featuring music by all the big names in the orchestral uplifting genre, including SoundLift, Andy Blueman, New World, Afternova, Kelly Andrew, Geert Huinink, Ahmed Romel, Simon O'Shine, Playme, & more. And brilliantly mixed by Ori Uplift and the Abora Recordings sound engineering team.The full mix is 68 minutes.

01. Intro - Orchestral Tuning
02. Nery - Inesquecivel (SoundLift Remix Intro Edit) [Abora]
03. Playme - Peace & Serenity (Original Mix Driftmoon Mixdown) [Abora]
04. SoundLift - Freedom (Original Mix) [Abora Skies]
05. Nery - Sagrada Familia (Intro Mix) [Abora]
06. Alex Shevchenko - Dancing In The Rain (Allen Ma's Emotional Remix) [Airstorm]
07. tranzLift - Magical Journey (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
08. Nery - Sagrada Familia (Illitheas Remix) [Abora]
09. Ahmed Romel - Only For You (Intro Mix) [Blue Soho]
10. Afternova - Serenity (Andy Blueman Remix) [Abora]
11. Pizz@dox - Abracadabra (Original Mix) [Abora]
12. Infite - True Love (New World Remix) [Pulsar]
13. NatLife feat. Arunima - Saawariya (New World Light Remaster) [Trance All-Stars]
14. Etasonic - No Words Can Tell This (Emanuele Congeddu's Emotional Touch) [Linger]
15. Matt Chowski - Painting Clouds (Original Mix) [Silver Waves]
16. Kelly Andrew - Beyond The Stars (Emotional Mix) [Abora]
17. Ico - Shimmer (Emanuele Congeddu Remix) [AEZ]
18. Sergey Nevone & Simon O'Shine - Apprehension (Original Mix) [Defcon]
19. Kelly Andrew - The Incursion (Epic Orchestral Trance Mix) [Abora]
20. Ahmed Romel - Concordia (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
21. SoundLift - Horizonte (Andy Blueman Intro Mix) [Abora]
22. Avenger - Orca (New World Intro Mix)
23. Farhad Mahdavi - Take My Hand (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
24. Sound Apparel - Sanctum (Original Mix) [Pulsar]
25. Blue Horizon & Shyprince - Lithium (Original Trance Mix) [Abora]
26. Andy Elliass - Love Is The Answer (New World Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
27. Ikerya Project - Fantasy World (Original Mix) [Abora]
28. The Avengers - Yugen (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
29. SoundLift - Windmill (Original Mix) [Abora]
30. New World - One (Emotional Mix) [Defcon]
31. Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio - The Kingdom (Original Epic Mix) [Abora]
32. Afternova - Into The Sky (Original Mix) [Abora]
33. tranzLift & Andy Elliass - Gates Of Albion (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
34. Playme - The Silver Tree (Epic Mix) [Abora]
35. Simon O'Shine - Your Distant World (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
36. SoundLift - Oriente (Original Mix) [Abora]
37. BluSkay & KeyPlayer feat. Natalie Rose - Summer Rain (Emanuele Congeddu Remix) [AEZ]
38. SoundLift - The Legend (Original Mix) [Abora]
39. Ahmed Romel - Victory (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
40. O.B.M. Notion - Aura (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix) [AEZ]
41. Afternova - Tranquility (Original Mix) [Abora]
42. Ronny K pres. Advanced - Atlantis (Simon O'Shine Remix) [Blue Soho]
43. Ikerya Project - Orion's Belt (Original Mix) [Abora]
44. New World - Fields of la Tourette (Epic Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
45. BluSkay & KeyPlayer - Nocturne In C# Minor (Original Mix) [AEZ]
46. Matt Bukovski & Andy Elliass & Abys - Cheops (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
47. Pizz@dox - Nemesis (Original Mix) [Abora]
48. Matt Bukovski & Geert Huinink - Fields Of Forever (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
49. Driftmoon & Geert Huinink feat. Kim - Worlds Which Break Us (Orchestral Intro Dub Mix) [Abora]

Bonus Track
50. Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio - The Kingdom (Geert's Orchestral Dream) [Abora]
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