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The Digital Blonde - N3ON

Rating: 4.8 Votes: 30
Title: N3ON
Catalog: JOOF427
Released: 20.09.2021
Type: Album
Over the past three decades The Digital Blonde has created a cult following, his now legendary 90's hit 'Legato' cemented this journey and from then on he's been delivering a sound that can only be described as his own. Over the years he's stayed true to his take on the Trance world, along with his obsession with synthesizers, we now see this in the third series of his new album 'NEON'. It's a nod back to the 80's synth world where he ground his teeth as a producer, made music with that 80's synth ethos, but with a forward thinking dusting of the Blonde sound that projects it into the future.

Here's a few words from the man himself:

Writing Neon 3 has been a huge challenge for me, as I know the impact the last 2 albums have had on people. So trying to keep the feeling going for the third album was a scary decision to make, it's hard to put into words how much heart and soul goes into these albums, not just because of the music but because of the visions I had with these tracks and trying to bring it all to life so I can share these experiences with people. It's about putting everything I have ever learnt over the last 33 years of writing music with synthesizers and creating a magical fantasy journey. These albums are created so you can mix them in different ways to create different experiences. I truly believe that this is what the spirit of real Trance music is.

'The fade to grey' remake is very special to me, you see all my life I have wanted to remake this but have never felt confident enough to do so. 'Fade to grey' was the first track that opened the synthesizer world up for me many years ago, so my main challenge with this mix was to show the original, with the respect it deserves , and to keep the original feel and vibe of it.

Every track on Neon 3 has it's own story of how it was born, its' a very dark journey this time round but with some nice uplifting sections. There's a lot of futuristic storytelling , the visions and journeys your mind can take you on when listening to these Neon albums are endless, they're actually more like audio movies!

This will be the last Neon album, making the trilogy complete, I hope they have and will take you onto some amazing journeys. I also must add all the hard work, imagination and creativity that has gone into the artwork for all 3 albums has been nothing short of pure genius, so thank you to the great artist Dragomir Bojkilov. I hope you enjoy the brilliance of his artwork as much as I do.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this album as much as I have done making it. These albums have been a crazy roller coaster ride to bring to life, but so worth it.

So once again it's seat belts fastened we're off on another and final Neon adventure.

01. Balerika (Original Mix) 17:27
02. Age Of Confusion (Original Mix) 13:27
03. Plutox (Original Mix) 10:31
04. Synthdrive (Original Mix) 10:11
05. Sanctus (Original Mix) 16:21
06. Magic Fly (Original Mix) 11:42
07. Look The Universe (Original Mix) 14:32
08. Only You (Original Mix) 17:09
09. Star Song (Original Mix) 12:46
10. Space Race (Original Mix) 13:44
11. Futuria (Original Mix) 16:01
12. Xblast (Original Mix) 14:46
13. Asteria (Original Mix) 15:00
14. Aventador (Original Mix) 12:00
15. Fade To Grey (Original Mix) 13:19

24 Sep 2021 в 12:10
Интересно, что на этот раз нам проект подкинул, прошлый альбом доставлял. Спасибо.
24 Sep 2021 в 14:26
хренасе там тайминги оО
24 Sep 2021 в 15:11
Оо, наконец то выложили сюда👍
24 Sep 2021 в 21:46
Первое место в рейтинге на Битпорте. Блонди заслужил.
24 Sep 2021 в 21:48
Бл ни одного трека нет меньше 10 мин. Во Flac бы послушать его
24 Sep 2021 в 21:55
Неужели залили? спасибо вам)
24 Sep 2021 в 22:02
Треки затянутые,но Блондин опять показал,как смешивать транс и ретровейв.Жалко,что последний Неон
24 Sep 2021 в 22:11
Бл ни одного трека нет меньше 10 мин. Во Flac бы послушать его Показать больше
Это же Блондин.Ничего удивительного
24 Sep 2021 в 22:53
Ответ на: karpov_nikol
Треки затянутые,но Блондин опять показал,как смешивать транс и ретровейв.Жалко,что последний Неон Показать больше
Теперь нужен альбом в стиле The Witches!!!
25 Sep 2021 в 11:42
ребята, http://freake.ru/ всё, сдох?
25 Sep 2021 в 13:44
Ответ на: Egor Ibiza
ребята, http://freake.ru/ всё, сдох? Показать больше
25 Sep 2021 в 14:21
+flac 24-48
25 Sep 2021 в 20:34
Номер релиза неверно указан, правильный JOOF427
26 Sep 2021 в 09:05
Ответ на: mikels
Номер релиза неверно указан, правильный JOOF427 Показать больше
Спасибо! Делал как на битпорте!
26 Sep 2021 в 11:31
Ответ на: Protect
26 Sep 2021 в 11:42
Ответ на: ahoy76
Спасибо! Делал как на битпорте! Показать больше
У тя был JOOF42
26 Sep 2021 в 14:33
Сильный альбом возможно лучший в этом году.
26 Sep 2021 в 18:21
Ответ на: karpov_nikol
Всё,рипнулся Показать больше
Жалко фрики(
26 Sep 2021 в 18:41
Очень качественно сделал, радует продолжительность треков, раскрывает весь смысл передаваемого.
Работы этого чувака истинно раскрываются со второго прослушивания, так сказать, музыкальная философия...
Большое спасибо за качественный лосслесс, и пофиг, сколько он весит!
27 Sep 2021 в 12:07
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