Teenage Spaceman (2020 Remixes)
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Booka Shade - Teenage Spaceman (2020 Remixes)

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Artist: Booka Shade
Title: Teenage Spaceman (2020 Remixes)
Label: Blaufield
Catalog: BFMB078
Released: 27.11.2020
Type: Single
1. Booka Shade – Teenage Spaceman [Booka’s 2020 Rework] (05:04)
2. Teenage Spaceman [Guy Herman & Chris Sen Remix] (08:00)

Booka Shade revisit their 2010 LP ‘MORE!’ once again as they deliver a fresh interpretation of fan-favourite
‘Teenage Spaceman’, accompanied by a remix from Guy Herman & Chris Sen. Having re-visited the iconic album earlier this year to mark its 10th Anniversary, late-November now welcomes a second round of ‘MORE!’ remixes for 2020 – this time offering up a fresh Booka Shade re-interpretation of longstanding
favourite and live show highlight ‘Teenage Spaceman’, whilst welcoming South African duo Guy Herman and Chris Sen, who combine following material via the likes of Einmusik, Poker Flat and Hive Audio, to make their Blaufield debuts with their own remix of the production.

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