Two Windows
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Skyence - Two Windows

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Artist: Skyence
Title: Two Windows
Label: Modularfield
Catalog: MDFLP 08
Released: 01.10.2021
Type: Album
1. War Paint (feat Throwing Snow) (02:48)
2. We Burn (03:20)
3. Eigentlichkeit (04:39)
4. Ones (05:07)
5. Falling Through (04:00)
6. Things Fall Apart (feat Esther) (04:12)
7. November (01:47)
8. Hot Drops (feat Polarity) (03:28)
9. Two Windows (03:17)
10. Scintillation (01:15)
11. A Breeze Of Distance (03:46)

The new LP by SKYENCE is pressed in 180g black vinyl with heavy weight cover artwork. Two windows in our atmosphere through which signals can reach us. A homage to the early years of radio astronomy by SKYENCE. Also a self reflection of the artist itself and the process of accepting strengths and weaknesses in his art. By opening another window to let other people in and reach out for advice. A way of finding symbiosis in virtual and factual worlds. All combined into a cinematic and natural enhanced world of sound.

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