Illuminate (Remixes)
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Ahmet Atasever & Samuel Welch - Illuminate (Remixes)

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Title: Illuminate (Remixes)
Catalog: AEP421
Released: 16.11.2020
Type: Single
Next up on Alter Ego Progressive we have Ahmet Atasever feat Samuel Welch with 'Illuminate' and some amazing progressive remixes to follow the amazing uplifting trance release out on the main label bringing in release 421. On remixes duties we have Space Fish, Nathan Red & Spark7.

'Illuminate' feat. Samuel Welch, is upbeat with bags of groove from both the bass and the vocals. Samuels voice is a perfect match for this summer festival anthem (online festival this year no doubt).

Added to the package are three fantastic remixes from label regulars and all-round top producers, Space Fish, Nathan Red & Spark7! All three artists giving 'Illuminate' their own personal touch.
1. Illuminate (Space Fish remix) 07:01
2. Illuminate (Nathan Red remix) 07:44
3. Illuminate (Spark7 remix) 06:28
4. Illuminate (Space Fish radio edit) 03:43
5. Illuminate (Nathan Red radio edit) 04:38
6. Illuminate (Spark7 radio edit) 03:52
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