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Hoavi - Invariant

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Artist: Hoavi
Title: Invariant
Label: Peak Oil
Released: 08.10.2021
Type: Album
1. Flay (07:29)
2. Tessera (03:39)
3. Dver (03:09)
4. Dyson Garden (04:00)
5. Hayabusa (06:13)
6. Memoryscape (04:33)
7. Sava G (04:00)
8. Streamline (05:49)

Peak Oil is proud to present Invariant, the first LP in three years from Russia’s best kept electronic music secret: Hoavi.

Originally intended for pre-pandemic release, this collection of emotive and intricate homages to the slippery nature of genre has only intensified in relevancy and urgency.

From alt sci-fi dimension floor-filler “Streamline” to “Dver”, a contemplative evocation of a world in which time collapsed in on itself and liquid had embraced footwork, to the propulsive modular dub-tech evisceration of “Tessera” closing out the LP, Hoavi adroitly demonstrates why he should be considered amongst Russia’s finest cultural exports.

A gifted producer with a workaholic drive, these eight tracks are but a sample of his prodigious breath and grasp on the electronic music continuum, a clear harbinger of auspicious things to come for Hoavi.
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