Vol. 3
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Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 3

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Title: Vol. 3
Label: Peak Oil
Released: 08.10.2021
Type: Album
1. A1 (05:00)
2. A2 (05:00)
3. A3 (05:00)
4. A4 (05:00)
5. B1 (05:00)
6. B2 (05:00)
7. B3 (05:00)
8. B4 (05:00)

The third volume of insular isometric synthetics by Western hemisphere mystery machinist Topdown Dialectic both distills and dilates the project's palette of granular greyscale dub-techno dust and pirated pink noise into eight equal-length slivers of shivering cyber-sublimity. This is a vision of electronic music as nebulous data streams and opaque stasis, beatific but buffering, swept from the floors of forgotten microchip factories.

Though sequenced from the same sessions as both previous Peak Oil vinyl collections, Vol. 3 flexes an even more subliminal sense of finesse, sculpting gossamer software gauze and scramble suit metronomes into percolating systems of Penrose triangulation: endless, nameless, restless. A fitting final chapter to a beguiling trilogy by one of this decade's most innovative fractal electronicists.
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