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KILN - Tungsten

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Artist: KILN
Title: Tungsten
Catalog: GI-397
Released: 08.10.2021
Type: EP
1. Drala Ultra (03:48)
2. North Bar Lake (04:53)
3. Cat Paw Spiritual (03:37)
4. Bvlb (04:33)
5. Argon Pedestrian (04:53)
6. Pinyon (01:55)

KILN returned in 2020 with Astral Welder, their first LP in seven years on Ghostly International. Following promptly now is Tungsten, a digital-only adjunct EP culled from the Welder sessions, extending the trio's distinctive study of rhythm, sound, texture, and depth. Across six boisterous tracks, Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison and Clark Rehberg III weave syncopated patterns into immersive environments of lost memory and electrified nowness.

A room full of spinning pedal steel guitar mobiles collide with each other to a backbeat of thick lichen and marching trees. Jigsaw vibraphones stair step through voltage starved fuzz boxes. A croquet ball rolls into a coda; a pebble tumbles down a playground slide into a turnaround, a concrete block drops in a flooded stairwell, creating a bio-pool of headphone found sound.

Neither here nor there, with Tungsten, KILN yet again present a uniquely imaginative set of woven color and vitality. Dive in, dial out—the glow lasts.
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