Power Tool
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Nikki Nair - Power Tool

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Artist: Nikki Nair
Title: Power Tool
Catalog: DB250
Released: 27.11.2020
Type: EP
1. Power Tool (04:59)
2. In My Car (05:39)
3. 3XL (06:01)
4. Automatic (05:29)

Claude VonStroke was recently turned on to Nikki Nair by watching Nala’s TV Party on the Dirtybird Live streaming network. She played one of his remixes and immediately VonStroke became infatuated with his sound. A cross between breaks, drum & bass, and old-school Dirtybird vibes, Nikki became an instant favorite. His 4-track EP ‘Power Tool’ is a hot record foreshadowing the label’s future direction in 2021 when the rules will get loose and its not all going to be about tech house anymore.

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