Sweet Dreaming (The Remixes)
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Iant & Joyline Snow - Sweet Dreaming (The Remixes)

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Artist: Iant, Joyline Snow
Title: Sweet Dreaming (The Remixes)
Label: Nrgized Audio
Catalog: NRG088
Released: 08.10.2021
Type: Single
We are very happy to present the winners of our earlier remix competition of the stunning track 'Sweet Dreaming' by IanT & Joyline Snow!

The winning remix by Ric Aires is a true stunner! Ric turned the Original into something totally different, yet keeping the feel of the Original! Massive psylike basses, stunning production and tons of nice energy!

Runner up remix by Calvin O'Commor is really nice, warm and emotional... with phat kicks and a great feel!

Hope you will love this remixed release as much as we do!
01. Iant & Joyline Snow - Sweet Dreaming (Ric Aires Remix) [07:41]
02. Iant & Joyline Snow - Sweet Dreaming (Calvin O'Commor Remix) [07:13]

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