Spring Rondo Ep
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Masaru Hinaiji & Orie Yoko - Spring Rondo Ep

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Title: Spring Rondo Ep
Catalog: SDR500
Released: 08.10.2021
Type: EP
Sundance Recordings brings you 4 amazing originals plus 4 righteous remixes of Masaru Hinaiji & Orie Yoko's 'Spring Rondo EP' from Elissandro, London & Niko, N-sKing and Way4frer.

'Spring Rondo EP', 4 Original mixes with its uplifting melodies and creative ambiences, has a quintessential Sundance Recordings sound. Adding various elements on each mixes including talented vocalist Orie Yoko, an euphoric vocal trance and we're beyond excited to bring you. Showcasing the very best of Masaru Hinaiji's current sound.

Opening the remix pack is Japanese producer, Wayf4rer a stellar new remix for your listening pleasure. Wayf4rer puts his spin on this terrific single 'Eternal', giving it a banging makeover and injecting it with dynamic and energy.

N-sKing, follow with a brilliant and pumping trance remix, 'Flow' that will get you amped up, and even include a rousing, operatic orchestral take for good measure! Injecting the original with feel-good, blissful vibes.

The Mexican producer, Elissandro delivers an explosive remix, 'Spring Rondo' trance anthem that doubles up on the euphoria of the original while still retaining its classic Trance character. Giving the original a mesmerising, hypnotic makeover with a striking sound.

The final remix pack of a series of outstanding remix, the exciting pairing of Sundance Recordings regulars London & Niko. 'Wait For Your Love' is no exception; a transporting and uplifting trance with delicate melodies and upbeat sensibilities.
1: Masaru Hinaiji - Eternal (Original Mix) 7:19
2: Masaru Hinaiji - Flow (Original Mix) 8:12
3: Masaru Hinaiji - Spring Rondo (Original Mix) 7:41
4: Masaru Hinaiji Feat. Orie Yoko - Wait For Your Love (Orignal Mix) 8:44
5: Masaru Hinaiji - Flow (N-sKing Remix) 8:07
6: Masaru Hinaiji - Eternal (Wayf4rer Remix) 6:05
7: Masaru Hinaiji - Spring Rondo (Elissandro Remix) 8:08
8: Masaru Hinaiji Feat. Orie Yoko - Wait For Your Love (London & Niko Extended Mix) 8:26
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