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Tosz - Prayer

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Artist: Tosz
Title: Prayer
Catalog: RDT008DW
Released: 01.10.2021
Type: Single
Thomas Kielbasinski, aka TOSZ, returns to Redolent Music with a stellar solo debut entitled 'Prayer.' ?
This single is a profound masterpiece, opening with startling piano chords, delicate embellishments, deep bass-line, and introducing the leading role supported on Tosz encouraging lyrics. 'Prayer' is a deep-cut that flows across its duration.
Latin-American producer Jeaneiffel continues TOSZ emotive voyage with a groovy remix, employing glistening synths, drum percussions, and lyrics layers to create a laid-back environment that brims with texture at every turn.
Making his debut on Redolent Music, Spanish DJ and Producer GRAZZE delivers a dance-floor oriented remix building an intricate soundscape, flaunts his unique sound design with carefully selected synths and pads, blending melodic and progressive elements. This second offering creates a late-night atmosphere with energy, tones, and intervals.
The idea for this song came on New Year's Eve when the Polish multifaceted artist shared his prayers to the world to give hope in these uncertain times. Redolent Music honcho Chus instantly fell in love with the lyrics, as he felt those same prayers within himself and encouraged Thomas to materialize the project, signed off even before completed.
The stars were aligning for this mystic endeavor.
The music video was shot in the TOSZ's birthplace, spotted in the south of Poland, adding a visual deepness to this profound track.
1. Tosz - Prayer (Original Mix) 5:10
2. Tosz - Prayer (Grazze Remix) 5:35
3. Tosz - Prayer (Jeaneiffel Remix) 6:43

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