The Beauty Around Us
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Milosh K - The Beauty Around Us

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Artist: Milosh K
Title: The Beauty Around Us
Catalog: LER039
Released: 11.10.2021
Type: Single
After his first successful release on Liquid Emotion Recordings titled Written In The Stars, Milosh K from Slovakia joins our label again with another beautiful track titled The Beauty Around Us. With the instrumentation standing high above average productions, the tune will voluntarily make you to close your eyes and dive into the deeply emotional melodies.
Milosh K - The Beauty Around Us (Original Mix) [07:21]

Один из моих новых фаворитов в аплифтинге
12 Oct 2021 в 10:11
Поддержу Стрельца. Отличный аплифтовый трек. 
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